Hypertext Solutions is all about collecting, connecting, analyzing data and presenting it into valuable information.


Hypertext Solutions was incorporated with the intent of leveraging and applying information technology to opportunities in the Indian healthcare industry. The aim is to create a telling impact on the socio-economic aspects of an industry that we believe is yet to deliver affordable answers to the participants, in particular the healthcare seekers.

It is needless to mention that what will make us stand out in the Indian healthcare scenario is the way we intend to achieve our aim of creating that impact. Here is gist of how we intend to achieve our goal:


India's healthcare system is yet to adopt technology at a level that reaches the masses. A mass that has diversity unmatched in any part of this planet and a complexity that is yet to be broken into simpler parts. We intend to facilitate reaching the masses at its most remote part of the peninsula by utilizing an important aspect generated by this mass – data.


Connectivity of seekers and providers - an aspect of the country's healthcare scenario which is at its infancy; our aim is to narrow the aspectual gaps of the Indian healthcare system.

With these at the fore font of thoughts and action, the team at Hypertext Solutions is ready to do what is necessary to bring about a shift in the system in which it is just taken its first step.

Director & CEO

Amit Shyamsukha, Director CEO – Amit brings with himself hard earned experience of managing day to day operations of a highly process oriented services unit with strict focus on cost control and reduction. Amit re-engineered a number of in-house processes that otherwise would have required substantial outlay. Amit also brings to Hypertext Solutions a rich experience in developing advanced web applications that forms core of Hypertext's vision.

Amit is a graduate in Bachelor in Computer Applications. Amit also holds a diploma in Healthcare Informatics from Apollo Medvarsity and is a member of Healthcare Level 7 (HL7) India.

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Medniche™.com is the initial forefront of Hypertext Solutions. With Medniche, Hypertext Solutions aims to provide a unique portal for both headhunters and professionals in the Indian Healthcare industry.


Medicstay is another effort of Hypertext Solutions that focusses on healthcare tourism with India as a preferred destination. Medicstay involves in delivering information at both ends – international patients and Indian healthcare service providers

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